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Things, that I LOVE! :heart:

Things, thats I HATE! :rage:

I thought about to made another team inspired by the Suicide Squad. This team will be made up of anti-heroes or former villains.

Name: Task Force FURY

Directorship: Bishop (TMNT 2012)


1. Jason Todd/Red Hood (Batman: Under the Red Hood)
2. Kratos (God of War)
3. Golan & Dylan Beekler (Golan the Insatiable)
4. Beatrix Kiddo (Kill Bill)
5. Discord (MLP: Friendship is Magic)
6. Razer (Green Lantern Animated Series)
7. Megamind (same movie)


Black and White Friendship
Because I'm Nemi Montoya and Marilyn Shine's fan, here's special x-over artwork with Marilyn Shine (original version) and Nemi Montoya (from Nemi comics). Because both are goth wearing Black and White... Why don't they become good friends? ;P :meow:

Marilyn Shine - :iconnerdsman567:
Heart Ripper Dylan
I remember, that for first time I saw Golan the Insatiable: both the Golan and Dylan Beekler are my favourite. So here's artwork with Dylan Beekler, who rips heart of Allegro (that pedo-panda from Powerpuff Girls "reboot" 2016). Because Allegro is most hated character in PPG, he deserves for another fate like this.That's pure brutality! Golan will be really proud with her! Who like what, but Dylan Beekler is most badass, hardcore girl ever!
Eddy Bane (IGAU)
Eddy joined to insurgency after losing everyone to Superman as most were killed except Ciri. He lost most trusted friends; Nemi and Tao Jun are killed by Bane, while Axel joined to regime while. He swore revenge on Bane for killing his loved girlfriend and friends and Superman for killing his team and all loved ones. He will be there to help others from being harmed regime army and assassinates any people of Regime army. He's honorable, alert, serious, relentless, vindictive, hateful (to Superman and Bane). He has black hairs, brown eyes. He wears eyepatch on left eye, black and red blouse, blue bandana, yellow gloves, navy pants and black-red boots. voice actor: Nolan North (Superboy's voice in Young Justice)
Top 10 Favourite Dogs Breeds
10. Chow Chow
9. Doberman
8. Chihuahua
7. Great Dane
6. Shih tzu
5. Rottweiler
4. Labrador Retriever
3. German Shepherd
2. Pit Bull Terrier
1. Husky

Honorable mentions:

Bull Terrier
Golden Retriever
St. Bernard

Meme by - demitriamiriam



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